E-LEARNING Voiceover

THE growth sector in the voiceover market

For voiceover artists, the amount of E-Learning work just seems to grow every year. I am lucky to have many instructional designers and producers who keep returning to me with their audio projects.

So, what are the skills that you need from an E-Learning voiceover? You need someone who can:

Decipher and narrate scripts, which can be very detailed and technical. I’ve narrated a number of training manuals, which are literally giving information which can save people’s lives.

Make learning modules as engaging as possible for your listener. Have a listen to some of the work I have done below.


A series of videos explaining to Sky customers how to use their Sky Q remotes, and access their subscription services.


Vodafone connectivity training developed for the company’s sales force by an E-Learning company.

my bbc background...

… has been a real help when approaching E-Learning narration projects. I was a radio presenter and news journalist for more than a decade and some of the skills I learnt there have proved invaluable.

Part of our daily job was to read a huge amount of information on certain topics, and digest it down to concise, well-written news copy. We then had to read in a way that made it easy to understand, and assured people that we knew what we were talking about!


One of the big trends we are seeing in E-Learning, is the ‘gamification’ of modules. For designers and producers, they understand that the more people can engage with a course or module, the more they will learn, and therefore the more it will benefit that company.

I have noticed modules which have even started asking for character voices. I’ve definitely got those covered too on my international page.