'corporate' narration

…Why the quote marks?!

Well, companies around the world need brand and explainer videos which can:

– Showcase them to a global audience

– Deliver content in an engaging way

– Present detailed or technical information in a way that’s easy to follow and understand.

But what’s at the heart of this messaging?


The 2 videos below highlight this point really well.

DHL Freight Forwarding

It may be the biggest logistics company in the world, but what did DHL want to show in this video? That every customer matters to them, and that every employee is a valued member of a team that delivers for those customers. You see? PEOPLE!

B&CE People's Pension

The People’s Pension was created to support post-war construction workers, helping them save for homes, holidays and retirement. Hard to think of an organisation less like DHL, except for one major thing: PEOPLE are at the heart of what it stands for. It’s even in the name!

My job with these voiceovers was simple: to match the company objectives with my delivery. And in both cases, that traditional ‘corporate’ delivery wouldn’t have worked. For DHL, it needed to be friendly and conversational, while the People’s Pension wanted to show the pride in their history. Every company has a different objective with their project, and so a catch-all ‘corporate’ delivery is not the answer. For many, that word is associated with a style of delivery which can be stuffy, preachy and uninspiring. I have the ability to make your explainer video relatable and conversational, but never at the expense of the message you need to get across.

I have worked in a lot of sectors myself – from retail, to a global advertising agency and then commercial radio and the BBC. Clients have told me that I sound like I know what I’m talking about.

If you’re looking for a voice for your new project, have a listen to the demo below.

Or better still, hit the blue tab and I’ll happily record you a short sample.