space & other oddities

It’s voice over, Jim, but not as we know it!

As a voice artist, you never know what to expect in this business.

For example:

  • A phone call in the style of Ringo Starr.
  • Being asked to speak French with a heavy English accent.
  • A multi-harmony sea shanty, for a UK lifeboat charity.
  • Practically anything with an animation or gaming script.

The point is, it’s impossible to know what type of job request may land in my inbox. This section shows what I can do beyond the more conventional audio demos.

Speak the Lyrics!

This came out of a Lockdown challenge to speak the lyrics of famous songs. See how I coped, when given this David Bowie classic!

Singing Impressions!

Singing has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. From choir at school, to my current life as lead singer in a band. See what you think of them!

VISIT BRITAIN - Venez Voir Les Choses Autrement

 A commercial for a British tourist authority … made for a French audience … and incidentally recorded with a client in Spain!

Ancient Greek Voiceover!

Surely one of the only examples of its kind! I learnt it when I was 13, and for some reason I can still recite it. But I’m not sure what some of it means, as you’ll see!

Charity bike ride video

I created this to help with my fund-raising. The event was in Yorkshire, so I went for a “Last of the Summer Wine” theme. (Contains regional stereotypes!)