Thanks very much for visiting my site. I’m an English-speaking voice artist, working for a whole range of clients across the world. I’m lucky enough to have made a living in this weird and wonderful business for more than 10 years. TV commercials, corporate videos, E-Learning, Audiobooks, On hold telephone prompts – you name it, I’ve done them all. 

You can see the different genres of voiceover work I do on my Demos page.

… Or maybe (and this is the ‘weird’ I was talking about), you want to hear:

  • What Santa Claus really sounds like?
  • A poem in ancient Greek?
  • The lyrics to David Bowie’s Space Oddity, re-imagined.

Where can you find that, and more? Just click on ‘Space & Other Oddities.’

'A World of possibilities'

What does that actually mean??

It encapsulates so much, both about my work as a voiceover artist, and who I am as a person.

Ancestry – my family is a total mix of nationalities. I’m part English, French, Irish, Danish, Scottish and Russian. A real European mix!

Languages – at school, learning languages came easily to me. I studied French, and German, plus Latin and even ancient Greek. I learnt the basics of Arabic, briefly studied Chinese at Oxford University (that’s another story) and have also taken extra classes in Spanish.

As well as English, I record in a number of international accents including Irish, French, Australian and South African. Want to know more? Head over to the Accents & Languages page on my website for audio samples and videos.

Versatility – I take great pride in being able to work across a number of voiceover disciplines. They include: Commercial, Corporate narration, E-Learning, Audiobooks, Gaming, Animation and IVR. There are separate demos of my work in these genres here.’

General Knowledge – You name it: Sport, TV and cinema, birdwatching, cooking, US State capitals, Game of Thrones or the wilderness years of Neil Sedaka (that’s pretty niche, I admit). I have a limitless love of general knowledge, facts and figures. I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told me I’d be their “phone a friend” on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

What next? You can contact me for a quote or a bespoke demo, check out my latest social media posts or blogs. Look forward to hearing from you.


Where the magic happens!

I’ve worked from my own home studio for more than 10 years.

That means having to be my own producer, director, editor, sound engineer and appointment booker. (Not to mention marketing director, accountant, PR executive and strategy consultant!)

I have clients all over the world, who either connect with me directly in my studio, or they trust me enough to just send me a script, knowing that I will have it back to them within the agreed timeframe (and usually before – I like to over-deliver!)

You can see some pictures of my current studio at the bottom of the page. But you’re probably more interested in what it sounds like. Here is an example below – recorded at 48 kHz 24 bit, and with an extra special treat for sound engineers at the end!

Drilling, Leaf-Blowing, Planes, Lawnmowers...

…Just some of the things that can be problematic for a voiceover artist with a home studio.

That’s why we need good soundproofing!

Here’s an example of a particularly ‘busy’ day on the outside noise front. And also why it doesn’t really affect me.