The Mid-Atlantic Accent

This is an article I wrote, which appeared in the Summer 2017 edition of “The Buzz” magazine, the only magazine dedicated to the Voiceover industry.

Picture the scene if you will: ‘Brring Brring’ (yes, I’m aware it’s 30 years since phones rang like that, but you get the picture).

“Hi, I’ve got a possible job lined up for you; the client is wondering if you can voice this in a…” they pause, and your heart sinks as you know what’s coming next “…Mid-Atlantic accent.” And there it is! ‘Mid’ Atlantic – with its Doppelganger brother ‘Trans’ – the fairytale unicorns of Voiceover accents: with genuine, engaging appeal to the whole English-speaking world for the cost of just one session fee. Ohhh, if only it were that simple! Read more